<![CDATA[Muniart Muniart - This is what I think]]> http://www.muniart.org/page1693.htm en-us ImpactFolios RSS Generator My first questions as a blogger http://www.muniart.org/page1693.htm?blog=225 <p>Being a virgin blogger here is a sampling of what type of questions I will ask on my site.</p><p>1- Why is there an embossed dash on the letter f on my keyboard?</p><p>2- Why is it that everytime a garbage can appears in a movie it is immediatly struck by a car van or any other type of vehicle?</p><p>3- Why are there so many damn commercials (thank God for tivo&nbsp;)?</p><p>4- Can anyone explain the&nbsp;attraction and outright devotion to Elvis ?</p><p>5-&nbsp; I removed this question because it evidently offended someone. I certainly do not want to offend anyone. </p> Fri, 22 Dec 2006 04:34:24 EST http://www.muniart.org/page1693.htm?blog=225?blog=225