friday, december 22, 2006
My first questions as a blogger

Being a virgin blogger here is a sampling of what type of questions I will ask on my site.

1- Why is there an embossed dash on the letter f on my keyboard?

2- Why is it that everytime a garbage can appears in a movie it is immediatly struck by a car van or any other type of vehicle?

3- Why are there so many damn commercials (thank God for tivo )?

4- Can anyone explain the attraction and outright devotion to Elvis ?

5-  I removed this question because it evidently offended someone. I certainly do not want to offend anyone.

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12/30/2006 - Weston Muniak

Nice new site, by the way.

12/30/2006 - Weston Muniak

Nice new site, by the way.

12/30/2006 - Weston Muniak

1. It's where you place your index finger-- I think we've talked about this one. 2. Because garbage cans are so extremely fun to hit. They tell me when to stop when I pull into the garage. 3. 4. Sorry, I don't have an answer for that one. 5. That's an interesting point brought up there. Straight white males have become a minority in America-- there is so much overcompensation for minorities that it goes past equality and turns to favoritism for previously said minorities. This leads to the "underrepresented minority" becoming the overrepresented majority, and the previously overrepresented majority taking a subordinate position. Equality is equality, but it's a very hard balance to hit-- because humans, on a whole, try to overcompensate as opposed to just compensate.

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